Анализатор документов на АРТ, Lazy Office Analyzer


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#!/bin/env python

Loffice - Lazy Office Analyzer

- Microsoft Office
- WinDbg - https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/hardware/hh852365
- WinAppDbg - http://winappdbg.sourceforge.net/
- pefile - https://github.com/erocarrera/pefile
- capstone - https://pypi.python.org/pypi/capstone-windows

Author: @tehsyntx

from __future__ import print_function
from winappdbg import Debug, EventHandler
from time import strftime, gmtime
from capstone import Cs, CS_MODE_32, CS_MODE_64, CS_ARCH_X86
import os
import sys
import pefile
import random
import string
import logging
import warnings
import optparse
import mimetypes

# Setting up logger facilities.
if not os.path.exists('%s\\logs' % os.getcwd()):
os.mkdir('%s\\logs' % os.getcwd())

logfile = '%s\\logs\\%s_%s.log' % (os.getcwd(), sys.argv[-1].split('\\')[-1], strftime('%Y%d%m%H%M%S', gmtime()))
logging.basicConfig(filename=logfile, format='%(asctime)s - %(levelname)s %(message)s')
logging.addLevelName( logging.INFO, '')
logging.addLevelName( logging.DEBUG, '[%s] ' % logging.getLevelName(logging.DEBUG))
logging.addLevelName( logging.ERROR, '[%s] ' % logging.getLevelName(logging.ERROR))
logging.addLevelName( logging.WARNING, '[%s] ' % logging.getLevelName(logging.WARNING))
logger = logging.getLogger()

# Root path to Microsoft Office suite.
DEFAULT_OFFICE_PATH = os.environ['PROGRAMFILES'] + '\\Microsoft Office\\Office14'

results = {'instr' : {}, 'filehandle' : {}, 'urls' : [], 'procs' : [], 'wmi' : []}
stats = { 'str' : 0, 'url' : 0, 'filew' : 0, 'filer' : 0, 'wmi' : 0, 'proc' : 0 }

def cb_crackurl(event):

stats['url'] += 1

proc = event.get_process()
thread  = event.get_thread()

if proc.get_bits() == 32:
 lpszUrl = thread.read_stack_dwords(2)[1]
 context = thread.get_context()
 lpszUrl = context['Rcx']

url = proc.peek_string(lpszUrl, fUnicode=True)

logger.info('FOUND URL: %s' % url)

if exit_on == 'url':
 logger.info('Exiting on first URL, bye!')
 safe_exit('Found a URL, exiting as specified exit mode.\nURL: %s' % url)


def cb_createfilew(event):

proc = event.get_process()
thread = event.get_thread()

if proc.get_bits() == 32:
 lpFileName, dwDesiredAccess = thread.read_stack_dwords(3)[1:]
 context = thread.get_context()
 lpFileName = context['Rcx']
 dwDesiredAccess = context['Rdx']

access = ''
if dwDesiredAccess & 0x80000000: access += 'R'
if dwDesiredAccess & 0x40000000: access += 'W'

filename = proc.peek_string(lpFileName, fUnicode=True)

if access is not '' and '\\\\' not in filename[:2]: # Exclude PIPE and WMIDataDevice
 if writes_only and 'W' in access:
     logger.info('Opened file handle (access: %s):%s' % (access, filename))
 elif not writes_only:
     logger.info('Opened file handle (access: %s):%s' % (access, filename))

 if results['filehandle'].has_key(filename):
     results['filehandle'][filename] = []

 if 'W' in access:
     stats['filew'] += 1
     stats['filer'] += 1


def cb_createprocess(event):

stats['proc'] += 1

proc = event.get_process()
thread  = event.get_thread()

if proc.get_bits() == 32:
 args = thread.read_stack_dwords(8)
 lpApplicationName = args[2]
 lpCommandLine = args[3]
 dwCreationFlags = args[7]
 context = thread.get_context()
 lpApplicationName = context['Rdx']
 lpCommandLine = context['R8']
 stack = thread.read_stack_qwords(8)
 dwCreationFlags = stack[7] & 0xff

application = proc.peek_string(lpApplicationName, fUnicode=True)
cmdline = proc.peek_string(lpCommandLine, fUnicode=True)

logger.info('CreateProcess: App: "%s" Cmd: %s" CreationFlags: 0x%x' % (application, cmdline, dwCreationFlags))

results['procs'].append({'cmd' : cmdline, 'app' : application, 'cflags' : dwCreationFlags})


if exit_on == 'url' and 'splwow64' not in application and dwCreationFlags != 0x4:
 logger.info('Process created before URL was found, exiting for safety.')
 safe_exit('A process was created before a URL was found, exiting before losing control')

if exit_on == 'proc' and 'splwow64' not in application:
 logger.info('Exiting on process creation, bye!')
 safe_exit('A process was created, exiting via specified exit mode')

def cb_stubclient20(event):

stats['wmi'] += 1

proc = event.get_process()
thread  = event.get_thread()

logger.info('DETECTED WMI QUERY')

if proc.get_bits() == 32:
 strQueryLanguage, strQuery = thread.read_stack_dwords(4)[2:]
 context = thread.get_context()
 strQueryLanguage = context['Rdx']
 strQuery = context['R8']

language = proc.peek_string(strQueryLanguage, fUnicode=True)
query = proc.peek_string(strQuery, fUnicode=True)

logger.info('Language: %s' % language)
logger.info('Query: %s' % query)

r_query = {'query' : query, 'patched' : ''}

if 'win32_product' in query.lower() or 'win32_process' in query.lower():

 if '=' in query or 'like' in query.lower():
     decoy = "SELECT Name FROM Win32_Fan WHERE Name='1'"
     decoy = "SELECT Name FROM Win32_Fan"

 i = len(decoy)

 for c in decoy:
     proc.write_char(strQuery + (i - len(decoy)), ord(c))
     i += 2

 proc.write_char(strQuery + (len(decoy) * 2), 0x00)
 proc.write_char(strQuery + (len(decoy) * 2) + 1, 0x00) # Ensure UNICODE string termination

 patched_query = proc.peek_string(strQuery, fUnicode=True)
 r_query['patched'] = patched_query

 logger.info('Patched with: "%s"' % patched_query)



def cb_stubclient24(event):

stats['wmi'] += 1

proc = event.get_process()
thread  = event.get_thread()

if proc.get_bits() == 32:
 sObject, cObject = thread.read_stack_dwords(4)[2:]
 context = thread.get_context()
 sObject = context['Rdx']
 cObject = context['R8']

object = proc.peek_string(sObject, fUnicode=True)
method = proc.peek_string(cObject, fUnicode=True)

if object.lower() == 'win32_process' and method.lower() == 'create':
 logger.info('Process creation via WMI detected')
 if exit_on == 'url' or exit_on == 'proc':
     logger.info('Exiting for safety')
     safe_exit('A process tried to be created via WMI')


def cb_vbeinstr(event):

# str1: search for string
# str2: string to search in

stats['str'] += 1

thread = event.get_thread()
proc = event.get_process()

if proc.get_bits() == 32:
 str1, str2 = thread.read_stack_dwords(3)[1:]
 context = thread.get_context()
 str1 = context['Rdx']
 str2 = context['R8']

s1 = proc.peek_string(str1, fUnicode=True)
s2 = proc.peek_string(str2, fUnicode=True)

logger.info('COMPARE:\n\tstr1: "%s"\n\tstr2: "%s"\n' % (s1, s2))

if results['instr'].has_key(s2) and s1 not in results['instr'][s2]:
 results['instr'][s2] = []


def cb_writeprocessmemory(event):

global inject
inject += 1
thread = event.get_thread()
proc = event.get_process()
if proc.get_bits() == 32:
 hProc, lpBase, lpBuffer, nSize = thread.read_stack_dwords(5)[1:]
 context = thread.get_context()
 hProc = context['Rcx']
 lpBase = context['Rdx']
 lpBuffer = context['R8']
 nSize = context['R9']
 logging.info('WriteProcessMemory: Base: 0x%x, Buf: 0x%x, Size: 0x%x\n' % (lpBase, lpBuffer, nSize))

logging.info('WriteProcessMemory called, inject = %d, suggests injection is at hand' % inject)

if 'MZ' in proc.read(lpBuffer, 4):
 logging.info('Found MZ signature in buffer written to 0x%x' % lpBase)

def cb_zwresumethread(event):
global inject
if inject > 2 and exit_on == 'thread':
 logging.info('ResumeThread called, inject = %d, shutting down for safety' % inject)
 safe_exit('ResumeThread called, inject > 2, possible code injection.\nCheck for a suspended process')

def cb_getthreadcontext(event):
global inject
inject += 1
logging.info('GetThreadContext called, inject = %d, suggests injection is at hand' % inject)

def cb_setthreadcontext(event):
global inject
inject += 1
logger.info('SetThreadContext called, inject = %d, suggests injection is at hand' % inject)

def safe_exit(reason):
logger.info('Exiting for safety...')
print('\n\nExiting for safety: %s' % reason)
print('Remember to check the runtime log in the "logs" directory')

def print_stats():
if logger.getEffectiveLevel() == 10:
 msg = 'URL: %d  |  File(W): %d  |  File(R): %d  | Proc: %d  |  WMI: %d  |  StrCmp: %d\r' % (stats['url'], stats['filew'], stats['filer'], stats['proc'], stats['wmi'], stats['str'])
 print(msg, end='')

def display_summary():

print('\n\n\t==== FILE HANDLES OPENED ====\n')
for fname in results['filehandle'].keys():
 print('%s \t %s' % (','.join(list(set(results['filehandle'][fname]))), fname))

print('\n\n\t==== STRING COMPARISONS ====\n')
for sc in results['instr'].keys():
 print('\nSubject: %s' % sc.encode('ascii', errors='replace'))
 print('Search for: %s' % ', '.join(results['instr'][sc]))

print('\n\n\t==== WMI QUERIES ====\n')
for wmi in results['wmi']:
 if wmi['patched'] != '':
     print('Query: %s\n Patched with: %s\n' % (wmi['query'], wmi['patched']))
     print('Query: %s\n' % wmi['query'])

print('\n\n\t==== URL ====\n')

print('\n\n\t==== PROCESS CREATION ====\n')

for proc in results['procs']:
 print('Cmd: %s\nApp: %s\nCreationFlags: 0x%x' % (proc['cmd'], proc['app'], proc['cflags']))

def randomString():
return ''.join(random.choice(string.ascii_uppercase + string.digits + string.ascii_lowercase) for _ in range(random.randint(5,15)))

def checkRecentDocuments():

# Check number of Recent Documents (add fakes if needed)

def addDocuments(existing, fakes):

 version = DEFAULT_OFFICE_PATH[-2:]
 apps = ['Word', 'Excel', 'PowerPoint']

 for app in apps:
   hKey = _winreg.OpenKey(_winreg.HKEY_CURRENT_USER, 'Software\\Microsoft\\Office\\%s.0\\%s\\File MRU' % (version, app), 0, _winreg.KEY_SET_VALUE)
   hKey = _winreg.CreateKey(_winreg.HKEY_CURRENT_USER, 'Software\\Microsoft\\Office\\%s.0\\%s\\File MRU' % (version, app))

     if existing <= 0:
   existing = 1

     for i in xrange(existing, fakes):
   name = randomString()
   _winreg.SetValueEx(hKey, 'Item %d' % i, 0, _winreg.REG_SZ, '[F00000000][T01D228AEF15B51C0][O00000000]*C:\\Documents\\%s.doc' % name)


 import _winreg
except ImportError:
 print('Can\'t import _winreg (needed for evasion)')

version = DEFAULT_OFFICE_PATH[-2:]
apps = ['Word', 'Excel', 'PowerPoint']

for app in apps:
     hKey = _winreg.OpenKey(_winreg.HKEY_CURRENT_USER, 'SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Office\\%s.0\\%s\\File MRU' % (version, app))
     recent = _winreg.QueryInfoKey(hKey)[1] - 1 # Get number of recent documents
     recent = 0

 fakes = random.randint(10, 15)
 if recent < 3:
     while True:
   choice = raw_input('Recent docs < 3:\nWant to add some more, like %d fake ones (for Word, Excel & PowerPoint)? (y/n) ' % fakes)
   if choice == 'y':
       addDocuments(recent, fakes)
       print('Fakes added, moving on :)\n')
   elif choice == 'n':
       print('Aight, but be aware that the macro might not run as expected... :(\n')

def find_instr_addr(mod_name, bits):

dll = pefile.PE(mod_name)

for entry in dll.DIRECTORY_ENTRY_EXPORT.symbols:
 if entry.name == 'rtcInStrChar':
     exp_addr = entry.address

 for entry in imp.imports:
     if entry.name == 'SysFreeString':
   imp_addr = entry.address

memory = dll.get_memory_mapped_image()
if bits == 32:
 dsm = Cs(CS_ARCH_X86, CS_MODE_32)
 dsm = Cs(CS_ARCH_X86, CS_MODE_64)

for op in dsm.disasm(memory[exp_addr:exp_addr + 0xA0], (exp_addr + dll.OPTIONAL_HEADER.ImageBase)):
 if op.mnemonic == 'call':
     last_call = op.op_str
 if op.mnemonic == 'ret':
next_func = int(last_call, 16) - dll.OPTIONAL_HEADER.ImageBase
calls = 0
call_free = 0
for op in dsm.disasm(memory[next_func:next_func + 0x200], (next_func + dll.OPTIONAL_HEADER.ImageBase)):

 if op.mnemonic == 'call' and ('0x%x' % imp_addr in op.op_str or 'qword ptr' in op.op_str):
     call_free += 1
 if call_free == 2:
     return last_call
 if op.mnemonic == 'call':
     last_call = op.address - dll.OPTIONAL_HEADER.ImageBase
 if op.mnemonic == 'ret':

class EventHandler(EventHandler):

def load_dll(self, event):

 module = event.get_module()
 proc = event.get_process()
 pid = event.get_pid()

 def setup_breakpoint(modulename, function, callback):

     if module.match_name(modulename + '.dll'):
   if isinstance(function, long):
       address = module.lpBaseOfDll + function
       address = module.resolve(function)
       if address:
     event.debug.break_at(pid, address, callback)
     print("Couldn't resolve or address not belong to module: %s!%s" % (modulename, function))
     while True:
         choice = raw_input('Continue anyway? (y/n): ')
         if choice == 'y':
         elif choice == 'n':
       print('Could not break at: %s!%s.' % (modulename, function))
       while True:
     choice = raw_input('Continue anyway? (y/n): ')
     if choice == 'y':
     elif choice == 'n':

 setup_breakpoint('ntdll', 'ZwResumeThread', cb_zwresumethread)
 setup_breakpoint('kernel32', 'GetThreadContext', cb_getthreadcontext)
 setup_breakpoint('kernel32', 'SetThreadContext', cb_setthreadcontext)
 setup_breakpoint('kernel32', 'WriteProcessMemory', cb_writeprocessmemory)
 setup_breakpoint('kernel32', 'CreateProcessInternalW', cb_createprocess)
 setup_breakpoint('kernel32', 'CreateFileW', cb_createfilew)
 setup_breakpoint('wininet', 'InternetCrackUrlW', cb_crackurl)
 setup_breakpoint('winhttp', 'WinHttpCrackUrl', cb_crackurl)
 setup_breakpoint('ole32', 'ObjectStublessClient20', cb_stubclient20)
 setup_breakpoint('ole32', 'ObjectStublessClient24', cb_stubclient24)

 if module.match_name('vbe7.dll'):
     instr_addr = find_instr_addr(module.get_filename(), proc.get_bits())
     setup_breakpoint('vbe7', instr_addr, cb_vbeinstr)

def options():

valid_types = ['auto', 'word', 'excel', 'power', 'script']
valid_exit_ons = ['url', 'proc', 'thread', 'none']

usage = '''
%prog [options] <type> <exit-on> <filename>

auto   - Automatically detect program to launch
word   - Word document
excel  - Excel spreadsheet
power  - Powerpoint document
script - VBscript & Javascript

url  - After first URL extraction (no remote fetching)
proc - Before process creation (allow remote fetching)
thread - Before resuming a suspended thread (RunPE style)
none - Allow uniterupted execution (dangerous)

parser = optparse.OptionParser(usage=usage)
parser.add_option('-v', '--verbose', dest='verbose', help='Verbose mode.', action='store_true')
parser.add_option('-w', '--writes-only', dest='writes_only', help='Log file writes only (exclude reads)', action='store_true')
parser.add_option('-p', '--path', dest='path', help='Path to the Microsoft Office suite.', default=DEFAULT_OFFICE_PATH)

opts, args = parser.parse_args()

if len(args) < 3:

if not os.path.exists(opts.path):
 print('Specified Office path does not exists: "%s"' % opts.path)

if args[0] not in valid_types:
 print('Specified <type> is not recognized: "%s".' % args[0])

if args[1] not in valid_exit_ons:
 print('Specified <exit-on> is not recognized: "%s".' % args[1])

if not os.path.isfile(args[2]):
 print('Specified file to analyse does not exists: "%s"' % args[2])

if opts.verbose:

return (opts, args)

def setup_office_path(prog, filename, office_path):
# TODO: rewrite the whole function
def detect_ext(exts, type_):
 for ext in exts:
     if filename.endswith('.' + ext):
   return type_
 return None

if prog == 'auto':

 # Stage 1: Let the Mime detect file type.
 guessed = mimetypes.MimeTypes().guess_type(filename)
 p = None

 if 'msword' in guessed or 'officedocument.wordprocessing' in guessed:
     p = 'WINWORD'
 elif 'ms-excel' in guessed or 'officedocument.spreadsheet' in guessed:
     p = 'EXCEL'
 elif 'ms-powerpoint' in guessed or 'officedocument.presentation' in guessed:
     p = 'POWERPNT'

 # Stage 2: Detect based on extension
 if p == None:
     logger.info('Could not detect type via mimetype')
     word = ['doc', 'docx', 'docm', 'dot', 'dotx', 'docb', 'dotm']
     #word_patterns = ['MSWordDoc', 'Word.Document', 'word/_rels/document', 'word/font']
     excel = ['xls', 'xlsx', 'xlsm', 'xlt', 'xlm', 'xltx', 'xltm', 'xlsb', 'xla', 'xlw', 'xlam']
     #excel_patterns = ['xl/_rels/workbook', 'xl/worksheets/', 'Microsoft Excel', 'Excel.Sheet']
     ppt = ['ppt', 'pptx', 'pptm', 'pot', 'pps', 'potx', 'potm', 'ppam', 'ppsx', 'sldx', 'sldm']
     #ppt_patterns = ['drs/shapexml.xml', 'Office PowerPoint', 'ppt/slideLayouts', 'ppt/presentation']
     script = ['js', 'jse', 'vbs', 'vbe', 'vb']

     p = detect_ext(word, 'WINWORD')
     if not p:
   p = detect_ext(excel, 'EXCEL')
   if not p:
       p = detect_ext(ppt, 'POWERPNT')
       if not p:
     p = detect_ext(script, 'system32\\wscript')
     if p == None:
   print('Failed to detect file\'s type!')

 logger.info('Auto-detected program to launch: "%s.exe"' % p)
 return '%s\\%s.exe' % (office_path, p)
elif prog == 'script':
 return '%s\\system32\\wscript.exe' % os.environ['WINDIR']
elif prog == 'word':
 return '%s\\WINWORD.EXE' % office_path
elif prog == 'excel':
 return '%s\\EXCEL.EXE' % office_path
elif prog == 'power':
 return '%s\\POWERPNT.EXE' % office_path

if __name__ == "__main__":

global inject
global exit_on
global writes_only

(opts, args) = options()
prog = args[0]
exit_on = args[1]
filename = args[2]
writes_only = opts.writes_only
inject = 0
print('\n\t\tLazy Office Analyzer\n')

office_invoke = []
office_invoke.append(setup_office_path(prog, filename, opts.path))

logger.info('Using office path: "%s"' % office_invoke[0])
office_invoke.append(filename) # Document to analyze

logger.info('Invocation command: "%s"' % ' '.join(office_invoke))

with Debug(EventHandler(), bKillOnExit = True) as debug:
 except Exception, e:
     if not os.path.exists(office_invoke[0]):
   print('Error launching application (%s), correct Office path?' % prog)
   print('Error launching: %s' % str(e))
 except KeyboardInterrupt:
     print('\nExiting, summary below...')
print('Remember to check the runtime log in the "logs" directory')

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