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Maintained and constantly upgraded since 2010
1. Polymorph / Metamorph / Permutation;
2. Garbage code, garbage, trash section and import;
3. Normalization of entropy at the exit;
4. Built compression (output image, usually 30-70% less);
5. Linker or packer input file is automatically determined. The decision to use
varying automatically the compression is driven by several factors:
- Whether there was a packer at the entrance;
- The degree of compression;
- Entropy;
6. Full support for overlays (EOF);
7. Full Support \ transfer of command line;
8. Adding icons provided there mikromorfer icons, the possibility of "noise" of icons;
possible to save other resources (version information, manifest, etc);
9. Randomly size or output within specified limits;
10. Four types of anti-virus anti-emulation VM + two + antidebuggings antidump;
including MS Security Essentials - all does not spin;
11. Written in pure C + Inline assembler;
12. The efficiency is guaranteed on all systems Vindovs (x86 / x64) including server;
13. Bypass firewalls or/and UAC as a separate proposal for subscribers;
14. The presence of SDK for developers "protected" software.

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